Pericles Beliefs

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Pericles was a great leader, philosopher and person. Pericles even had his own time period called the age of Pericles. He made big government improvements, increased the love and study of the arts, and built statues and temples. Pericles was the general of Athens. He and Ephialtes came together and ostracized the current leader of Athens, Cimone. He quickly instituted a large amount of reforms. His first was reducing the amount of power that belonged to the aristocrats, and giving more power to the poor people. Athens was also very wealthy, so he used some of that money so that jurors could get paid. Because it was a paying job, it encouraged poor citizens to hold office. He also opened up these spots to the poor in order to gain…show more content…
One of these things is the Democratic party beliefs. I think that Pericles made some decisions that reflect that of the current day democrat. Pericles instituted those reforms of taking power away from the aristocrats and giving more power to the poor. This immediately made me think of Obama and how he takes money from the upper class and puts it towards the poor. He uses it for “government healthcare services” for those who cant afford it. Just like Pericles, Obama did this not only because he believed it was beneficial, but also to get the majority vote. Many Americans cannot afford healthcare these days, so they vote for the democratic party to receive these benefits. That is one of the ways I can see that the age of Pericles reflects modern day government in America. Pericles was a great leader who helped Athens see one of the most successful periods it ever experienced. He encouraged the arts and learning, and building new sculptures and buildings, and gave Athens the best democracy. His actions also relate to that of the current day U.S. government. For these reasons and many others Pericles was a great leader and
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