Pericles Funeral Oration In The Peloponnesian War

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Pericles,who was a general and statesmen in Athens, successfully maximized the Delian League showcasing Athenian imperialism. He won battles that arranged Sparta and Athens into a peace treaty. During this time Pericles advanced democracy in Athens allowing for the first time officials to be paid. Also during this time, he became a supporter for the arts and architecture that Athens developed. During the end of the first year of the Peloponnesian War, Pericles was elected by the state to give a speech over the fallen soldiers.This speech was recorded by Thucydides, a Greek historian, and former general of Athens in the Peloponnesian War. He includes Pericles’ Funeral Oration in his incomplete works of the Peloponnesian War finding its value important enough to be remembered. In the crowd hearing the speech, are the sophists, who did not support Democracy at the time and voiced their disregards for it. Pericles takes the opportunity to address the public not only about their fallen soldiers but also about their great country of Athens. Reminding the crowd of the country’s past and the ancestry of traditions that have been established building a stage for them to appreciate the soldiers’ deaths. Calling out the individualism and freedom the Athenian people have in hopes to strike…show more content…
Athens controlled the Delian League, owning lands and water ways collecting payments in return for military protection. This allowed the people of Athens the ability to enjoy the spoils of the world as a luxury. He is reminding the crowd that in their country they are rich with the accomplishments of Athens. Due to their military and government they have the ability to relax and enjoy life out side of work. Pericles is glorifying the abilities the Athenians have and comparing them to the lack of luxury of their very near enemy Sparta.[
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