Pericles Vs Pax Romana Analysis

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There are distinct parallels between the Age of Pericles and PAX Romana as both ages formed during great periods of conflict, yet continued to advance their civilizations in the most dramatic fashion through the arts and economics. While Pericles ushered in an age of cultural growth with plays, architecture, and Philosophy, the PAX Romana age under Augustus expanded the Roman Empire and capitalized on merchant trade routes. The Age of Pericles is more impressive than PAX Romana due to its enduring influence on the world centuries later. The period known as PAX Romana started after Emperor Augustus quelled civil war and unified the government placing him as the single ruler, however he was not as flamboyant as previous rulers, as he led from behind the scenes. As he restructured the government’s functions, he set his sights at expending the empire, which he did so by pressing west to Spain and North to Germania linking all destinations in between by roads. This required a strong military which was streamlined under the rule of the Flavian dynasty when it had shifted from a mobile unit to a defensive force enlisting men from other lands allowing them citizenship (McKay, 162, 2015). This provided a safer environment that was not afforded in previous eras. In the past, poor infrastructure plagued the Empire, however given the relative safety, proper city planning allowed the construction of extensive water and sewage systems reaching newly constructed public baths and latrines and central…show more content…
Structures were built to honor those who fought in wars and temples constructed to worship the many gods of the people while paying homage to them by constructing statues in their
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