Pericles's Impact On The City Of Athens

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Pericles was born in 495 BCE in ancient Greece. He was born into a wealthy and rich family, his father was a well known general and statesman. He was given an outstanding education in music, and math. Pericles became a major political leader in Athens. Pericles rebuilt the city of Athens and brought the city to it’s highest peak. Pericles achieves his goals and leaves a lasting mark on the world. After the defeat of the Persian invasion, Pericles rose to power and rebuilt Athens from scratch. He was given a new start to reshape Athens, and to make the it the most powerful city in the world. Pericles promoted the arts, literature, and philosophy. He gave inspiring and great speeches to give citizens the idea that they were an amazing civilization, and the most powerful. This overall boosts the ego of the Athenian Citizens and convinces them that they are a “master race”, and it also encourages them to become apart of their government, and work together. With the continuation of these speeches given by Pericles, it would lead the Athenians to show off their amazing achievements, by sending fleets into the Black Sea to demonstrate power, finding…show more content…
The Spartans did not attack Athens due to the Thirty Years’ Peace treaty, and was sustained until the end of the 430s. As time progressed the idea for Athens and Spartans to go to war was encouraged and endorsed by Spartan’s alley, Corinth. Athens, noticing the tight situation between them and Sparta, began to prepare for a war by putting funding for military and defenses. Eventually Sparta reaches Athens and sieges the city, starving the citizens, and stopping trade. This ultimately lead to a plague due to Athen’s densely populated city, and lack of medicine, since their trade routes had been cut off. In 429 BCE, Pericles was killed by the plague which had cursed the city. The city’s final destruction would end in 404 BCE, by the

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