Perimeter Breach Case Study

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Perimeter Breach at the Bug out Location: Now What
It May Not Be What You Think
It could be a security breach at any location you are defending, not just a bug-out-location. Inside the wire, which means someone or some group has penetrated beyond any physical barriers established or someone has activated an alarm system, or Listening or Observational Posts (LP-OP) you have established have sounded the alarm. They are close, and they are moving closer.
Who has Come Knocking at Your Door
If they are a trained unit, then they may breach any physical barriers using explosives. Blow a hole in the wall in several places around the perimeter and spread out once inside. Your cabin would be surrounded in a matter of minutes. They would do it this way,
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Do you stay inside the cabin, do you jump into the foxhole, and do you fire a warning shot. It all looked good on paper. The moves you would make were laid out in black ink, simple moves. When the alarms go off, you do this and this, and yet the alarms have gone off, and you are standing there doing nothing.
You never had to defend your home this way, you have never been shot at, nor have you ever shot at another human being. The forums and articles online had described what you need to do, people that had been there and done that described how they would shoot anyone walking up to the door, they would defend their home and lay out the bad guys in the front yard.
They made it sound so common, so easy to do. Now you wonder if those describing what they would do, or supposedly had done, really knew anything at all. Had they been there, or were they just a bunch of blowhards, were they just Keyboard Rangers assigned to QWERTY Company.
In some respects it would be easier if people just started shooting at you, because you could then shoot back. It is obvious what their intentions are if they start shooting. You shoot back and maybe hit one or two and run them off. It is not knowing who, what when and where that makes it hard to muster up a defense. Makes it hard to shoot first and ask questions
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