Rapid Physical Development Research Paper

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The period of adolescence is characterized by:
• Rapid physical development
• Behavioral changes
• Need for Independence
• Need to explore and experiment
All individuals need to access information in a timely manner to make the right decisions. However, adolescents need quick access to correct, easily understandable health information as their bodies are rapidly changing and they are very adventurous at this time.
The first thing children within the adolescent age range should know about is their bodies and the changes occurring.
It is best if adolescents can receive education about these changes from parents and caregivers.
• Testicles and scrotum start to grow
• Penis grows longer
• Hair appears in armpits, around the penis, legs, face etc.
• Voice gets deeper
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we disagree with your actions, this is why we disagree, this is what needs to happen as a result of your actions, this is what we hope you will learn
• Show them respect: calmly make them understand the consequences of such choices e.g. take them to a prison/rehabilitation center to see the life of inmates.
• Do not scream, curse or act in a violent manner- This only pushes them away.
• Persevere- Continuously encourage adolescents to take corrective action in a calm manner and monitor them to ensure they do
• Set fundamental ground rules- These are rules that must not be broken and if they are, serious punishment is meted e.g. Do not steal
• Give praise for good conduct-Recognize and appreciate corrective actions adolescents take
Communicating effectively with adolescents is a responsibility and an art. Instructions and encouragement is needed to restore adolescents to a constructive path, when they temporarily wander away.
The ultimate goal of effective communication with adolescents is to help them develop self-discipline to independently lead good

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