Periodic Table Reflection

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The science lesson that I observed was over the elements on the periodic table. The students were given a packet to complete within the unit (this was a several day unit). The teacher had already went over the basics of the periodic table of elements in the days prior. She began the lesson by going on the ipad and showing the students how to do the activity. They had to build different elements on the ipad. First, they would pick something that they wanted to create (bananas and nylon were two of the options). The next screen would have all of the elements that are in the thing they want to create. They had to know how many protons, neutrons and electrons to use. In my opinion this was a very strong and beneficial lesson. A lot of the time…show more content…
He had a very hard job, many students did not have the motivation or support from their families to complete their homework. I was in a middle school math classroom and the students’ motivation was extremely low and most of the students ever wanted to do anything. The school I was at was pretty low income and had a very high amount of ELL students. My teachers main thing was to create relationships with the students. He told me that he wants to create a fun environment that makes the students actually want to come to school. He said that as of now many students are on their way to dropping out of school and working in the factory with their parents and that is what he is trying to avoid. I think that this teacher does a great job with creating relationships with the students, you can tell that most of the students respect him and want to see him each day. The main strength that I think my cooperating teacher had was his patience. A lot of the time students just would not complete their work or do what they are asked to do. He would have to contact parents a lot and keep students after school to complete their work. He would not assign a lot of homework (because he knew it would not get completed). But, when he did assign homework he expected that it would get completed and would stay on the students until it was

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