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Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth and can result in destruction of the periodontal ligament, cementum, connective tissue and alveolar bone (1). It is a major oral health problem in both developed and developing countries. It exhibits a wide range of clinical, immunological and microbiological manifestations. It is characterized clinically by gingival inflammation, bleeding on probing (BOP) from gingival pockets, increased periodontal pocket depth, loss of clinical attachment level, recession of the gingival margin, alveolar bone loss, increased tooth mobility, drifting and eventually tooth loss. This often leads to compromised function and aesthetics, and may be associated with pain and discomfort (2). In addition, periodontal disease has been associated with systemic diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular…show more content…
The extent, prevalence and severity of chronic periodontitis increases with age, with about 5 to 15% of adults worldwide having severe periodontitis(9).However, because of the increased population growth and aging, prevalence of periodontal diseases has not been decreasing over the last 20 years(10).
Periodontitis is a complex disease that involves microbial components, interaction of host defense mechanisms, as well as genetic and environmental factors in its development(11). The essential role of dental plaque as a primary etiological agent responsible for periodontal disease was established since the 1960s(12).Chronic periodontitis is a multifactorial disease, initiated by the dental biofilm. Hence it is characterized as a microbial dental biofilm-based infectious disease(13). It is recognized that bacterial adhesion to host tissues is an important factor and prerequisite for colonization of

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