Periostitis Research Paper

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periostitis Inflammation of the disease
Periosteum (periosteum) by the dense connective tissue composition, covered in addition to the articular surface outside the bone surface, and many fiber bundles into the bone. In addition, the tendons attached to the bone, the ligaments attached to the periosteum are attached together. So the periosteum and bone binding are very firm. Periosteum is rich in blood vessels, nerves, through the bone of the trophoblast distribution in the bone and bone marrow. Bone marrow and bone cancellous mesh is also lining a layer of meager connective tissue membrane, called endometrial (endosteum), periosteum inner layer and bone endometrial differentiation of osteoblasts and osteoclasts ability to form a new Bone and destruction, transformation has been generated bone, so the occurrence of bone, growth, repair and so on is of great significance.
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Leading to tibial periostitis for many reasons, the common cause of the tibial periosteum inflammation occurs, mainly because of the tibial muscle on the traction caused by too much.

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