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The Madagascar Periwinkle, scientifically known as the Catharanthus Roseus, is a species of Catharanthus native and endemic to Madagascar [1]. The Madagascar Periwinkle is an ornamental plant kept in homes which lie across the warmer parts of the globe [2]. It’s rank is Genus, and it’s higher classification is Apocynaceae [3]. The Madagascar Periwinkle has several other names, such as the Rose Periwinkle, Periwinkle, Vinca, Old maid and so on. There are over 20 different names used to refer to the Madagascar Periwinkle[2]. The scientific explanation for the name Catharanthus Roseus is that Catharanthus is Greek for a pure or a clean flower, and Roseus is Latin for rose coloured [2]. This basically says that the Madagascar Periwinkle is a very…show more content…
However, it is being used for a good purpose. The main purpose that the Madagascar Periwinkle is used for is as a medicine treatment. The Madagascar Periwinkle is used to treat: Diabetes, cancer, fluid retention, cough, lung congestion, sore throat, eye irritation, skin infections, and to stop bleeding [4,]. The part of the plant that is above ground is now used to make medicines for cancer treatment. It is now known as the source of chemical compounds now used in the treatment of cancer. Their discovery lead to one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the last century. However, more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of the treatment. The Madagascar Periwinkle has given us 2 extremely important cancer fighting medicines, which are “Vinblastine” and “Vincristine”. These are two very important medicines, that treat two very serious diseases. Vinblastine has increased the likelihood of children surviving leukemia drastically. It has gone from 10% and shot up to 95%. “Thousands of children’s lives have therefore been saved by an extract of this humble green plant” [6]. Vincristine is used to serve a different purpose, it is used to treat Hodgkin’s Disease

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