Perks Of Being A Wall Flower Essay

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Over the summer holiday, my English class was given the assignment to read one books from the summer reading list that was assigned to us, and then later, we were to write an essay about the book we had chosen. The book I selected was called “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower”, by Stephen Chbosky. There were two reasons why I had selected this book. The first reason being, that many of my friends from Canada had recommended it to me and the second, being that I had previously watched the movie. The three themes that seemed to be present throughout the book were sadness, love and family. “The Perks of being a Wall Flower” displays the changing moment in a teenagers life, when they finally become of age and start experiencing new feelings and their newly found freedom. The first theme that really stood out for me in the book was sadness. We see Charlie, a 15 year old teenage boy who had recently lost his best friend Michael and, incidentally his favorite aunt, Helen, who died in a car crash on his birthday. Charlie, now having lost his best friend, is rather…show more content…
Simply because Charlie was the “wallflower”. He was quiet, didn't dance at parties, and wasn't in the 'in crowd.' He seemed to prefer to sit o the sidelines in life. People like that are usually labeled as sad, losers and are said to not be living life to the fullest, the book showed that wallflowers can have the most amazing lives and be truly happy while still holding their wallflower status. Thus the book being labeled: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The advantages of being an introvert. “He's A Wallflower. You See Things. You Keep Quiet About Them. And You Understand.” - Patrick says about Charlie. It is my opinion that this book was all about stepping out into the world. Taking the morals your parents gave you and stepping out into a world where you’re in charge of yourself and you have to be the one to make your own
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