Perks Of Being A Wallflower Book And Movie Essay

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As Michael Jackson once said, ‘you are not alone’. This message is also exhibited in the film and novel, Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is a coming of age novel that follows the life of a 15-year old boy, Charlie, who is entering his first year of high school. Both the film and novel follow the same plot, but the characterization of Charlie differs. Whereas in the novel, Charlie is portrayed as an introverted, observant boy suffering from post-traumatic stress, the film depicts him as outgoing, less observant, and depressed. Throughout the novel, Charlie is given the title of ‘wallflower’, and a large part of this persona is based on his introverted personality. This is shown by him being both quiet and reserved. Meanwhile in the film, he is given the same title, but does not exemplify it as well as he does in the novel, and instead is portrayed as a more outgoing and social character. One example of this is how Charlie meets Patrick, whom he goes on to forge a close relationship with. In both mediums, they meet at a school football game. However in the film, Charlie approaches Patrick after recognizing him from his shop class (Chbosky). On the other hand, Charlie is afraid to do so in the novel, which is evidenced when he says “…seemed like a guy you could walk up to. But I’m shy. And…show more content…
Although there were several differences between the novel and film regarding Charlie’s characterization, the message delivered about the human condition remains consistent. This message, of no one ever being alone, means that engaging with others will significantly improve one’s quality of life. This is portrayed through Charlie’s characterization in both the novel and film, as his self-esteem and happiness both improve when he makes new friends. So although Charlie is an introvert, observant, and suffering from post-traumatic stress in the novel, and is outgoing, less observant, and depressed in the film, the message delivered is still the same and relevant to
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