Perks Of Being A Wallflower Character Analysis Essay

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In Perks of Being a Wallflower, the novel introduces a character named Patrick, Patrick has suffered from bullying because he is unique; his sexuallity choices have made him stand out from the rest of the average crowd. He is also experiencing problems with his partner Brad. Brad and Patrick are in a relationship and Brad is not quite ready to come out . He also bullies Patrick to demonstrate that he has no connection with Patrick. Because of this, Patrick is hurt and does not know what to do to escape from the fact that Brad is not ready to go public with Patrick. Nevertheless, he consumes drugs to try to forget what he is going through. Patrick is going through a stage where he is discovering what love is. In the stages of psychological development it says that between ages 20-39 years they will ask himself can I love. Patrick’s sexual…show more content…
Nevertheless, Patrick also feels betrayed because he tries to protect Brad’s secret. Even Though Brad does not desire people to know that he is also gay. He also struggles with bullying and can’t really defend himself. Patrick also has problems with people pestering him for being gay and uses drugs to escape the bullying of others. Patrick also goes and seeks for someone that will love him. The stages of development shows that at age 13-19 they will question their identity and try social relationships. The only reason why Patrick kissed Charlie was because he felt secure.”crying Then, he started talking about Brad. And I just let him. Because that's what friend are for ” (Chbosky 156). This quote shows that Patrick feels safe enough to tell Charlie about his problem with Brad. Patrick kissed Charlie not because he feels a connection with him, however because they're such good friends and since Charlie helped Patrick that was a way to thank him. Charlie seems to be confused is to why Patrick kissed him, yet he simply lets it
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