Authoritarian Vs Permissive Parenting Styles

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Parents of children who are diagnosed with either Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD tend to parent using either authoritarian or permissive parenting styles. Parents are more likely to become stressed due to raising a child with either ADHD or ASD. The goal was to figure out the links between parenting styles, parenting stress, and a child executive functioning. Through their findings they discovered parents of children with ADHD had more stress than parents of children with ASD, but when lower executive functioning occurred in those with ASD the results switched. However, both parents of ADHD and ASD children were more likely to be of permissive or authoritarian parenting…show more content…
The way one parent’s a child can either have a positive or negative effect on them. Both sources say that authoritarian and permissive parenting style are the least favorable. They also agree that authoritative is considered the ideal parenting style. Furthermore, both sources agree on the outcomes of each parenting style. The research deemed that higher stress levels causes authoritarian and permissive parent styles which, as a consequence resulted in poorer executive functioning in children. It also mentions parenting styles may either lessen or increase negative child behavior. Parents with a permissive style place few restrictions, show little control, and provide little or no structure, rules, and expectations, yet they are warm and nurturing. Then, authoritarian style exert high levels of control, do not explain reasons for rules, expect obedience, and frequently use punishment to obtain compliance. These parents are low in warmth and nurturance. On the other hand, authoritative style place rules and demands on the child, but explain the reasoning for them. They are high in warmth and nurturance (Hutchison et al.,2016). Baumrind believes that parenting styles are a pertinent factor to a child's socioemotional development. Permissive parents make few demands and do not usually use punishment. They tend to be very nurturing and loving. Authoritarian parents are often strict, tightly monitor their children, and show little warmth. While authoritative parents give reasonable demands and limits, give warmth and affection, and listens to the child’s side. Permissive parenting causes a lack of discipline in the child and authoritarian causes children to be anxious, withdrawn, and unhappy (Rice University, 2016). The research performed shows that parents of children with either ADHD or ASD tend to become more

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