Perry In Cold Blood Analysis

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Although Dick were partners in the murder of the Clutter family, Capote primarily wants to reveal the emotional gap between Dick and Perry; therefore, Capote’s depicts Perry as more sentimental than Dick. When Perry and Dick were stopped at the picnic area in the mountains Capote uses euphemism when Dick and Perry are in a discussion about the murder. “I think there must be something wrong with us. To do what we did” (Capote 108). As the time passes the two characters are drifting apart emotionally which is evident in this passage because as Perry is being bothered by this action, Dick is looking through his binoculars scanning the mountains. The euphemism in the sentence is the when Perry had said “ I think there might be something wrong with us”. To have just murdered a family in their own home and say that there might be something wrong with you is sugarcoating it. Perry is so sensitive to this whole thing that he is trying to make those events as small as possible.…show more content…
This colloquial diction used by Capote exemplifies the blatant lack of respect for human life that Dick has. The nonchalant attitude that Dick has about the murders is the exact difference between the two accomplices. Perry is questioning what they had done where Dick is so loose that he even makes a little joke about the events. As Perry is sugar coating the murders to help him deal with it, Dick is the exact opposite. He is cracking jokes about the murders, he is so comfortable with the fact that he had just been an accomplice in the murdering of 4 people that he is making jokes about it. Capote is showing the growing gap between the two men emotionally by describing each of their reactions while they are stopped at a picnic area in the
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