Perry Patetic's Analysis

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Today, people have the ability to experience everything life has to offer and treasure strong, supportive relationships—simultaneously. Perry Patetic in his passage argues that living in a mobile society causes people to lose close relationships that past generations did not. The author supports his claim by first providing general information about how mobility affects the world today. He continues by illustrating exactly how it affects people and their relationships. The author’s purpose is to make the reader think about the disadvantages of mobility so that they can change their view on the topic. The author establishes an opinionated tone for anyone thinking about moving away from the people they know the best. Patetic’s argument is invalid because mobility allows people to travel to new places, meet new people, and stay in touch with the old ones. Some people agree with the author and believe that moving away from family and friends causes the loss of close relationships. According to Patetic, “...we tend to lack close supportive relationships that people in former generations enjoyed.” Apparently leaving the place you grew up and…show more content…
My sister once took a trip to Europe for a month, where she met so many new people who she still, to this day, talks to. Without mobility, she would have never made those friendships and would still be wondering what a trip to Europe would be like instead of actually finding out. Despite the fact that some people think relationships are lost when traveling far away, technology has made it easier than ever before to keep in contact with loved ones. For an example, My grandparents live in Las Vegas and even though I only visit them once a year, Facebook keeps us in touch and we talk almost everyday. Talking to relatives over the phone and through social media, in a way, makes long-distance relationships
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