Perry Patetic's Fast Moving Society

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A fast moving society can have its advantages and disadvantages. Perry Patetic in his passage “Fast Moving Society” argues that the advantages in living in a mobile society are outweighed by the disadvantages. The author supports his claim by first explaining how families might separate by distance. He continues by giving an example of a family that had to separate. The author’s purpose is to point out that the distance could tear a family apart in order to discourage people from moving to different places in order to maintain strong relationships. The author adopts a judgemental tone for people everywhere.
People should not have to stay close to family or friends to maintain their healthy relationships that they had while they are together.
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Patetic illustrates this issue by saying “We tend to lack the close supportive relationships that people in former generations enjoyed”. Patetic says this is because with technology (cars, trains, planes), families can’t find the time to see or make contact with each other very often. This argument is a problem that can be solved because there is technology (social media) that can really help with this problem. A good example of this technology is Facetime, an app that a person can use to have face to face communication even though they are miles away. Facetime is a good example because many people can use it. Although it lacks human touch, it is still useful because you can see face to face and see expressions.
In my personal experience, living in such a mobile society means that the time spent apart causes the time spent together to be more meaningful. I have family on the East Coast that comes down to California once every two years. The time spent with them is more meaningful for sure. People don’t have to forget their relationship due to distance. There are families overseas that make sure to have time to chat. The distance isn’t the problem, it’s the effort that both of the people puts in for

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