Persephone And Demeter Similarities

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In all the myths that we have read, there has been some women mentioned in each myth. There were specific myths that were all about women and those myths show how the goddesses act when they are in danger or in need of something and how they treat the mortals that they meet. Some Deities have similarities that are shown by their actions in their stories. These similarities can usually show how a goddess will act or what one might think they will do. One can compare the activities of Demeter to the activities of Gaia. They have some similarities that can be seen after reading both of their stories. In the story of Demeter, her daughter Persephone is kidnapped and forced into marriage by means of her father. This causes Demeter to freak …show more content…

The similarity is that there children in a way are hurt by the people around them. Persephone is hurt by the people that she trusts, her father and uncle. In the hymn to Demeter, it says “So her father’s brother, lord of many, the one who receives many, son of Kronos, worshipped under many names, with his immortal horses carried her off against her will at the prompting of Zeus”(Hymn to Demeter 30-32). This goes to show that the kidnapping and marriage of Persephone was something planned by the ones that she loved and who loved her back, her father. When Demeter found this she was furious that her daughter was taken and she wanted to find out who took her daughter. She was angry at Zeus and his brother for a while in a way. In the myth of The Castration of Ouranos, Gaia’s children Kronos and the rest of her children were almost hated and ‘outcasted’ in a way. They were threatened and almost killed. This made Gaia furious and she wanted to protect her children. Gaia created a new material that she can form into a sickle and show to her children. She thought that one of her children would be smart and go after the one who was ashamed of them. The similarity that is between the two myths is that they both involve mothers who are scared for their children and they ‘go’ after the one who scared them, either through protecting them by showing them away to protect them and trying to bring them to safety with their

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