Do We Have To Do With Death In The Bible And Persephone

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Both myths have to do with death. However, the book of Revelations in the Bible tells how the world will end, while the story of Persephone deals only with the death of summer. Revelations explains the stages of the death of the world. There are 7 seals to be broken, and halfway through the Tribulation the Antichrist will come as an incarnation of the devil, trying to win people away from the Lord. Those who go to the Lord even in this tough time will still go to heaven - the Christians before this time have experienced the rapture and will miss this time period. In the book the prophet John tells of many beasts and diseases that will stalk the earth, killing millions, until the final battle when Jesus battles the Devil and wins once and for all. Then Christ’s followers will join him as he rules the earth, and those who do not follow him will go to hell.
The idea of death is very grim - no second chances, no knowledge of what comes after. It just stops. Christians look forward to Judgement Day as they will now be face-to-face with Jesus
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One angel and one demon are tasked to protecting the Antichrist to bring about the end of times - but the angel isn’t all holy and good (going so far as to lie about where he put the fire sword to guard Eden) and the demon has a streak of good intentions. They work together and somehow have become kind of friends - and there is balance. The book brings in the Deadly Horsemen: Famine, Pollution (who replaced Pestilence in the book), War, and, finally, Death. They are defeated by the angel, the demon - surprise - and the Antichrist - even more surprise. The novel shows the idea of a last and final war as simply a political machine rather than a battle between good and evil; the Antichrist has been raised human and is neither holy nor evil. There is balance. So while the book is about Revelations, it also pokes at the idea behind it and

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