Persephone Falling Rita Dove Analysis

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“Every action has a reaction,everything we do or say has an effect”(Heidi Ayarbe).That quote tell us that the things we has an affect on the future and in the story persephone falling, by rita dove, was about how a person that was kidnapped because of something that the did. The story was also relating to the myth to “persephone”. In “persephone falling”, by Rita dove use allusion by adapting the original story of “persephone” in order to reveal that society present many dangers. In”persephone falling”, Rita Dove modifies “persephone” original story to embody the idea that there is dange everywhere. In the original story persephone was taken by “hades” because he loved her. But, In “persephone falling” there were not any person that took because the kidnapper is unknown. In “persephone falling”, by Rita dove, she said in line 7 “He claimed his due”. That piece of evidence shows …show more content…

For example in the original text “persephone” she had ate some seeds from the underworld. Which was a risk because she didn’t know what could happen if she was eating some food from the underworld. In the “Persephone falling”, by rita Dove, she said on line 9 “She has strayed from the herd”. That piece of evidence shows that when she strayed from the heard she was at risk and she was in danger and that relates to the theme that danger is everywhere because when she strayed from the herd which means she went off by herself. In contrast in the original story “persephone” was not given instruction on how to stay safe which also presented more danger. In contrast” Persephone falling”, Rita Dove the character was given instruction to stay safe as seen on line 3 and 4 when it said “Don't answer to strangers.Stick with your playmates”. That piece of evidence shows that there is some type of danger or risk which can relate back to the theme the danger is

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