Persephone Short Story

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Delightful Destruction

The sunlight was shining through the thick layer of trees. Further ahead was a colorful meadow of reds, greens, yellows, purples, and blues. Beautiful young maidens were celebrating their beauty and youth. Among all of them, Persephone was the most charming one. It was almost impossible to not notice her, because everything about her caught people’s attention. ++ Demeter, Persephone’s mother, watched the girls with a kind of smugness as she chatted away with Hera.
“You see, although I may not be Zeus’s first wife, I’ve got Persephone, who is far more attractive than any other children of Zeus in Mount Olympus.”
Slightly annoyed, Hera shot back, “Have you not seen Hebe? ++”
Persephone sighed at the sight of her mother
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From months ago, Hades had been covertly spying on Persephone. At first, her loveliness appealed to Hades, and as he observed her every day, he sensed her solitary life as well. Hades himself was a sentimental person. As the god of the underworld, he would feel the same way around people. He understood the emotions of obscure anxiety and desolation that Persephone carried deep down. Hades could not resist her from the moment he saw her and longed for a chance to get acquainted, so he asked Zeus about meeting her. To his disappointment, Zeus only said that Demeter would never allow that to…show more content…
It was foolish of you to abduct her that way. Heh, I would’ve done it better if I were you. You better return Persephone back in place or else everything on the face of this earth will be wiped out clean.”
Baffled by the unexpected news, Hades spent the night trying to figure out a solution to this calamity. Persephone, who was hiding behind the mounds of gold, had heard this as well. To save humanity, she had to make a sacrifice. Persephone’s joy, her love, and all the new experiences would have to fade away back into the abyss of her memories, but she couldn’t simply watch helpless humans die off.
The next day, Persephone came up to hades. He was dealing with the great number of souls that had just arrived this morning. The thought of leaving him brought tears to her eyes and painful throbs to her heart, but she managed to raise her voice. “Your majesty, I have come to tell you that I must… return. I know that Demeter is killing humans to get me back. I must go back to stop her. Please… let me go.”
Knowing Persephone, Hades knew that she would want to leave to stop Demeter, but still, hearing the words from her mouth caused him excruciating pain. He vowed to let Persephone have freedom, but his heart lead him to do otherwise. Biting his lips, he
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