Persephone's Role In Greek Mythology

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Mythology is filled with timeless stories that teach many life lessons. This is especially true of the stories of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks were the first of the ancient people to have gods in their image. (Hamilton 5) Meaning that their gods were not animals or creatures, but men. This is why Persephone is described as a beautiful maiden. ("Persephone") Although Persephone is best know for being the goddess of spring and Queen of the Underworld, she is also known for showing women's role in society and nature's control on life.

Persephone is one of the very underrated figures in Greek mythology. Her childhood is very undocumented with very little information. Her father was Zeus, king of the gods; her mother was his sister Demeter, goddess
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Most stories involving Persephone show us how she was always regarded as a prize and not a person. In the same way that Hades regards Persephone, Zeus regards her mother, Demeter. When Hades decided that he wanted to marry Persephone, Demeter was never asked for approval or permission.Zeus knew that Demeter would not approve of Hades, but gave his permission anyways. He even assisted in the kidnapping of his daughter. ("Persephone") Persephone's opinion on Hades and let living in the Underworld is never mentioned. Hades disregards Persephone in the same way Zues does Demeter. When Persephone was taken to the Underworld, where she would live was decided completely by her father. ("Persephone") In the story of Pirithous, Pirithous decided that he wanted to steal Persephone as his wife. (Hamilton 218) Persephone is regarded as a prize once again. Hades knew of Pirithous and Theseus' intentions when they entered the Underworld and amused himself in their punishment. He caught Pirithous and Theseus and forced them to sit in the Chair of Forgetfulness forever. (Hamilton 218) Hades eventually let Theseus be rescued by his cousin, Hercules, but held Pirithous forever since it was he who wanted to steal his wife. (Hamilton 219) Though Hades did not respect his wife as a person, he protected her as a husband
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