Persepolis Book Report

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I 'm here to explain why I believe that my book, Persepolis has very valuable things to tell the world. I 'll start by saying that as a ten-year old girl, I 'm being forced to wear a veil to school by those that have called the cultural revolution in Iran. As a girl and the age I am I 'm always being told what to do, and if I don 't obey it there will be consequences. It 's not fair that now it 's not only my parents telling me what to do, but now there 's people, strangers telling what to do or they will be many consequences, and that has cause many protest both for and against this cultural revolution. Im afraid that not obeying what I 'm being told to do even if it 's against my religion will bring me severe consequences. I believe that disobedience gets you into trouble. As a ten-year old girl I 'm being forced to wear a veil to school everyday, even though my school is a French non-religious school were forced to wear it or else there will be consequences. Now boys and girls have been separated for education. I don 't think that 's fair, it 's like we 're going back to the 1950 's were there was racial segregation in the…show more content…
This panel illustrates my entire life before my uncle Anoosh died. This was the time he asked to see me in prison and called me the star of his life. It was devastating seeing him like that. It killed me. I felt lost after leaving, not to say after I found out he died. It illustrates iconography because of the details in the panel. I conclude this by telling some of the many things why my book "Persepolis" has many valuable things to share. Growing up in a revolutionary era was really difficult, being told what to do not just by your parents but also strangers is really frustrating and there is nothing you can do because if you don 't obey they will be serious consequences and also because they 're "grown ups" and we have to obey them. It 's not fair. Also being forced to do something or wear something you
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