Persepolis Character Analysis

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In the Novel Persepolis written by Marjane Satrapi the plot is developed by flashbacks and past events. Marji’s Childhood was plagued with traumatic events as she was coming of age. Marji’s environment and culture overwhelmed her with ups and downs no child should go through. The Iranian culture at the time was going some of the worst times and Marji was put through these times with just the guidance of her parents. Satrapi doesn’t focus on every event significant event only the emotionally traumatizing events, the plot development is controlled by death, the Iranian Revolution and devastating moments.
In the novel, Marji experiences death at a young age and as her life goes on. Marji’s biggest death she encountered was her uncle Anoosh death. This is such a traumatizing death in her life that it changes the way she thinks about life and her belief in God. She had just become very close with her uncle Anoosh so his death made her angry with the Shah and God. She use to see God at night time but after Anooshs death she tells God to never come back and he never visited her again. Death was all around Marji at a young age including her friend’s parents and people she use to see every day because of the theocracy she lived under. Anoosh death caused Marji to realize the environment she lives in is unfair and a place that needs changed. Mohsen a friend of Marji’s family was captured and tortured by the shah for being a hero during the revolution. He is drowned in a bathtub and
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