Examples Of Innocence In Persepolis

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Do you believe in innocence? In Persepolis Marjane Satrap, gives readers a view of how was her childhood , and what main factors were affecting her innocence and her personality , that’s why she decided to show her life, by doing a autobiography . This book shows in what extend social groups, in this case children, are being marginalized in the text. Marji is the one that is going to interpret this by her own experiences.
In this text, the author exposes the principal character (Marji) as a girl that is affected by the 1980’s revolution that happened in Iran, and how this situation affected her identity search.
Marji started to have critical experiences, when all the revolution began to take place, that’s why this character represent children
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At the beginning of the revolution in 1978 she fell in love with the neighbor son, so they were talking by letter that Marji helped her to write, But the relevant point, is not that, it is that when the boy realized that Merhi was the maid of Merji’s family they had to stop talking. So in this chapter Merji’ father affirm in a frame ‘’because in this country you must stay within your own class’’ and then Merji said ‘’But it is her fault that she was born where she was born?’’(p.37) this last sentence expressed how kids mind is crucially dominated by the society stereotyped that were more notorious in the revolution in 1980’s.The personality of Merhi is showed in her beliefs, for example when she was angry because her parents agree with the social classes, she represent how mature she is , and no matter if she has to obey the law , she is going to analyze and to has their own…show more content…
For example this point, is evidence in the chapter ‘’the key’’, when Mrs.Nasrine (her maid) said that ‘’they gave this to my son at school. They told the boys that if they went to war and were lucky enough to die, this key would get them into heaven’’ (p.99), in this frame is represented, the way that children were manipulated to take his own innocence, to do part of the revolution in a silent way, and how they were marginalized, because they really do not know why they have to use the different things that law told them to use. Also Mrs. Nasrine said: ‘’they told him that in paradise they were plenty of food, women and houses made of gold and diamonds’’ (p.100), this exposes how revolution is affecting their emotions , by taking away the fear, to manipulate and hide them in some way what was really happening in the war.
A critical moment in the book was when Marji prove the cigarette and after that she affirms:’ with this first cigarette, I kissed childhood goodbye’’ (p.117). This sentence shows how much war is affecting their own innocence by make children grow up faster, in a different way because they were very affected by the war. This problem is also represented in the end of the book when Marji had to leave the country and go to Vienna, because she had to become independent in a wrong moment as she can live
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