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The historical synopsis of Persepolis is her depiction of Iranians and of the battles they encountered, and are still experiencing, in post-revolutionary Iran. Persepolis makes essential pace toward transforming how Western audience discern Iranians. Persepolis gives it readers a glance at how life is like in Iran. However, people base their impression of different countries on what the the media reports. Sadly, the notion of Iranians is usually adverse and associated with fundamentalism, terrorism, and fanaticism. Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis recounts her childhood days in Iran as an innocent child who is striving to comprehend the changes happening in her homeland due to consequences of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Satrapi’s innocence…show more content…
Westerners don’t recognize the innocence of the Iranian people so, to accentuate the true Iran, Satrapi uses her novel to assert the imagination of Iran as not only religious and extremist. In the novel, Satrapi and her family are of the middle-class family, nonetheless, they do not follow the Islamic Religion. In her childhood, wearing “the veil” is something imposed on her to do, and protested against it, “I really didn’t know what to think about the veil. Deep down I was very religious but as a family, we were very modern and avant-garde” (Satrapi, 6), though Satrapi says she is religious, she had no desire for wearing the veil. “Everywhere on the streets, there were demonstrations for and against the veil” (5). This protests illustrate not every Iranian is Islamic and desired to put on the veil, but eventually, the women wore the veil by force. Satrapi cites some women despised wearing the “veil” due to the heat. Obviously, Satrapi itemizes the veil to lead her audience into understanding the Islamic religion, western countries view the “veil” as a symbol of the Muslim woman’s oppression. The “veil” forms an important part of the culture and mores of the society. and displays the political and religious doctrine in Iran. Nevertheless, for Satrapi, the veil epitomizes a different entity of constraint, a loss of identity, thus, a call for

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