Persepolis: The Coming Of Age

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In Persepolis, a bildungsroman genre graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, the main character experienced many events that made her become fully grown up in Iran, yet the turning point was her life in Vienna. A bildungsroman is a novel that describes the process in which the character grows from child to adult, which he or she has a reason to start a journey while the coming of age is difficult, suffering, uncomfortable, and long. There are many particular events where Marjane has many difficulties on the process of maturity. When Marjane is still a child in Iran, terrible historical events happened around her and formed her to become more mature. Although they made her become a mature child, the real part of her life that changed her were her…show more content…
In this novel, Marjane will unrestrainedly do whatever her parents are doing or did even though they command her not to. For example, when Marjane asked if she can go to the demonstration with her parents, she was refused. Then Marjane decided to go with her maid Mehri and said, “Tomorrow we are going to demonstrate” (Satrapi 38). Of course Marjane secretly went to the demonstration with her maid even though it is really perilous and perhaps she’ll witness things that will change her thoughts towards things. When Marjane was an adolescent, she will do these sort of things because she do not want people to treat herself like a kid. She want people to treat her seriously like she is an adult. She will think why can you adults do things that you want to but she can’t? Then the adults will just say because you’re still under eighteen and you’re not mature enough. Even though sometimes adults are more childish than children. What if she have a child’s body but have thoughts that are more mature than adults? Marjane wants to prove to her parents that she is fully grown up already and they should not tell her what to do and what not to
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