Perseus And Hydra Compare And Contrast

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The Hydra a ginormous nine-headed water serpent that haunted the swamps of Lerna. The Gorgons are three sisters that when given direct eye-contact would turn the seer to stone. Both are formidable creature in Greek history. Both may be formidable but they have their differences. The Hydra can breath acid and when one head is decapitated two more will grow. For all that the Gorgons name means dreadful, had wings, and snakes for hair. They are only alike in a few ways from history. In like manner both were slayed by mortals, the Hydra was slain by Hercules and Medusa was slain by Perseus. In the same way both are monsters and both have snakish features. In conclusion most monsters were similar in ways but each monster was peculiar and each

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