Perseverance And Loyalty In Homer's Odyssey '

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A major theme that I think is important to the text is perseverance and loyalty. From him and his men getting attacked by Cicones, the Lotus-eaters captures and locks them up, and Polyphemus imprisons Odysseus and his men; Odysseus preservers. Another troublesome moment is between Calypso and Odysseus. While Calypso is trying to seduce him, he remains loyal and preserves through temptation as “he slept with her at night in her cavern, an unwilling lover mated to her eager embrace.”(Book 5, pg. 388). Calypso even shows loyalty to Odysseus in the end by setting him free against Zeus's will; “I’ll stock it with fresh water, food, and red wine- hearty provisions that will stave off hunger- and I’ll clothe you well…” (Book 5, pg. 389) she said.
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