Perseverance In Henley's Poem 'Invictus'

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The theme of this paper is perseverance. To help me demonstrate, I will be using the poem “Invictus”, written by William Ernest Henley. Initially, I relate to “Invictus” because it inspires me. Next, “Invictus” speaks of overcoming obstacles. Lastly, I know what adversity feels like, and “Invictus” shows that I am not alone. “Invictus” is a poem that I can relate to when thinking about where I am and where I am heading. Even when things seem their darkest, there is always hope. First, “Invictus” inspires me. Invictus is Latin and translates into unconquered. W. E. H. had his left leg amputated due to tuberculosis of the bone at the young age of 17. His current doctor advised that he may lose his other leg. Henley found a savior in Doctor Joseph Lister. Dr. Lister treated William for two years and saved his remaining appendage. “I am the master of fate: I am the captain of my soul (Henley).” This one sentence by William Henley shows us to stand rather than lay down.
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My family and I had very little when I was growing up. My worst nightmare, as a child, was powdered milk; powdered milk is chalked full of calcium and vitamins that every growing child needs but forgoes every natural taste that any child wants. I remember begging my mother, “Why can’t we have real milk?” and her reply, “Would you rather have water in your cereal?” As a military brat, I was moved around a lot. It was difficult to make friends because you never knew how long you might stay, but it allowed me to find friends in strangers. This refers me to, “I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul (Henley).” Henley does not seem to be monotheistic but he does appear to believe that something guides his actions or controls his fate. I share his sentiment. Sometimes the toughest hurdles, to overcome, are not done
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