Perseverance In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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In the novel, The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London, Buck is a domesticated dog adapting and trying to survive in the wild. The topic in this novel is perseverance since the author constantly provides many hints throughout the novel that proves that the topic in this novel is perseverance. It can be seen during the time Buck perseveres in trying to adapt to his situation and understanding his surroundings. Also, when he preservers through all the pain and suffering that is constantly leaking around him and Buck is sometimes rewarded for persevering through the hardships that follow day by day. Thus the theme in the book is in order to be rewarded, one must persevere. This message is found throughout the book since the protagonist, Buck is always facing hardships and in the end he gets…show more content…
This can be seen in the passage as it states that, “… no longer he felt anything, though very faintly he could hear the impact of the club upon his body”(London 74). The author shows the main character, Buck, is getting rewarded through the text when it states that, “...whole section of ice gave way and dogs and humans disappear”(London 75). This shows that the theme in this novel is to be rewarded one must persevere since Buck persevered when he was facing a barrage of hits from the club. However, he was rewarded in the end as the only survivor of his pack and be able to live his life. Some people might argue that you do not have to persevere in order to be rewarded. This can be seen in a number of occasions in London 's novel. One of these actions is when Buck is living his domesticated life as the following text states, “... For he was king”(London 3). This proves that one does not have to persevere to be rewarded since Buck did not persevere and he was constantly rewarded. Although Buck did have a good life he did not choose to persevere since there was nothing to persevere
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