Perseverance In Jewish Faith

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Throughout the existence of the Jewish faith, Hebrews/Jews have experienced many obstacles, which they have all overcome. Persecution and perseverance are two themes that occur throughout the history of the religion.These two themes play a role in the importance of history to Jewish people, show similarities to other races and religions, draw opinions and emotions of people and uncover a clear moral message within their faith. The story of Abraham and the covenant can be connected to all of the concepts I just identified. This story is where the Jewish faith first began. God spoke to Abraham and told him to leave his home in Mesopotamia and take him and his family to the land of Canaan. Abraham followed God’s wishes and moved to Canaan in 1800 BCE. Abraham's descendants the Hebrews, lived in Canaan but struggled due to…show more content…
Upon return to Canaan, the Hebrews fought for control to regain their land again and after defeating the Canaanites, they once again settled in Canaan and became known as the Israelites. Israel became a prosperous land and built a temple known as “The Great Temple”. After the death of the king, conflict began to arise over who would become king next; unagreed, the Hebrews split their land into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah. Both kingdoms fell to invaders; Assyrians conquered Israel and the Babylonians conquered Judah and both were exiled. The great temple was destroyed by a Babylonian tribe. Persians conquered Babylon and Judeans were allowed back to Judah where they rebuilt the temple and the Torah was completed. In 70 CE, Romans destroyed the temple for the second time. The Great Temple has never been rebuilt again but, remains are still left today and is called the Western Wall. The history of the Jewish people and their faith shows the persecution and perseverance they

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