Perseverance In Langston Hughes 'Life Without Limit'

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Perseverance, adaptability, integrity are all key features outstanding people learn to master. In this essay I will show three articles/poem that show great examples of how people used at least one of these in their lifetime. The first paragraph is a poem by Langston Hughes it is called “Mother to Son”. The second paragraph is an article about a man called Nick Vujicic it is called “Life Without Limits”. Third paragraph is by Neil MacFarquhar and it is called “Saudi Arabia’s Freedom Riders”. First part that shows perseverance in this poem by Langston Hughes is when it stated “Don't you set down on the steps cause you find it is kinder hard.” This shows perseverance because he is telling the reader not to stop even though it looks better if you do.The second part that shows perseverance in this poem is when it stated “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it, and splinters and boards torn up, and places with no carpet on the floor bare. But all the time i'se been climbin on.” That part shows perseverance because Langston Hughes is saying his life was not easy but he has always surpassed those challenges he faced in life. Third part that show perseverance is when it said “don’t you fall now-for ise still goin.” perseverance is all about not…show more content…
First thing that changed that is in the article when it stated “as nick grew up, he learned to deal with his disability and started to be able to do more and more things on his own.” Second Nick Vujicic struggled with depression and loneliness as he questioned why he was different from every other kid he knew when he was just a kid. Now that Nick Vujicic is an adult he is now a role model to others and shares his story on how he went to being angry with himself because he was unique to being happy with who he really

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