Perseverance In Mark Twain's The Call Of The Wild

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While growing up perseverance helps you overcome things. In the Call of the Wild, Buck was taken from his home, and forced to learn a whole new way of life. In contrast to Buck, my mom like most teens had to get out of a relationship which called for perseverance. While Buck and my mom had to overcome different things, they both experienced perseverance. Everyone even animals have to persevere in life and it takes faith and traits to get through the tough times. In the Call of the Wild, Buck is taken from his home and is forced to learn a different life style. In the beginning of the book Buck gets sold by Manuel to the man in the red sweater. While Buck is with the man in the red sweater he learns the law of the club. Whenever Buck would disobey he would get striked hard on his body with a club. Then after Buck took a few beatings from the club he backed down to the man in the red sweater and retrusted humans with clubs. After the man in the red sweater taught Buck to back down to clubs he sold Buck to Perrault and Francois. Perrault and Francois taught Buck how to become a sled dog. While Buck was learning to be a sled dog, Spitz the leader of the sled team would attack Buck even when Buck was doing as told. Buck and Spitz started fighting whenever they got the chance to. When they would fight they would fight until they…show more content…
Buck and my mom have many similarities like they both went through rough times but always keep their heads high no matter what. Some differences that Buck and my mom had was Buck had to keep faith in himself the entire time he was being a sled dog and my mom always kept a kind heart and she had a lot of patience. My opinion on perseverance is that everyone including animals have to overcome a hard time in their life like Buck had to learn how to be a whole different dog and my mom had to have patience and a kind heart no matter the
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