Perseverance In Odysseus

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History is full of heros but, what makes these people heros. Is it their bravery on the battlefield, the honor they give to their family, or their intelligence. Much of this is true in the time of ancient Greece. Although Grecian heroes give the gods some credit for their gifts they are often concerned about bringing the glory and honor upon themselves or their family; however, Biblical hero's want to bring honor and glory to God. Odysseus is a hero to the Greeks but not from a Biblical standpoint because of his arrogance toward his intelligence, perseverance, and courage.
Odysseus was an intelligent man. He is responsible for the idea of the Trojan horse that was crucial for the Greek victory over the Trojans. If it wasn’t for Odysseus’ intelligence
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His perseverance is evident in his willpower to get back to Ithaca at all costs. Weather it be traveling near Charybdis, a monster that would suck water and bring ships to the bottom of the ocean, or the Sirens who brought men to their deaths. In spite of all of his obstacles Odysseus kept pushing through the heartache to get home to his wife and son. A Biblical hero that embodies perseverance is Paul. Paul was discriminated against for his beliefs in God and was put in prison and tortured numerous times. Aside from his imprisonment and torture, Paul was faithful and tried to do God’s work at all costs and knew that God would grant him the perseverance he needed to get through his tough times. Odysseus’ perseverance was crucial to his return home as well as was his outstanding…show more content…
In Greece stories were often told about courageous men in the military. One of these men was Odysseus, who was a courageous warrior in the Greek army. Odysseus had to travel in the territory of Scylla, the six headed monster’s this took a lot of bravery from Odysseus. Yet again, Odysseus credits his courage upon himself and not the Greek gods. This is where his Grecian hero status differs from a Biblical hero. Biblical hero's often credit their bravery to God. Moses, a Biblical hero, is known for his liberation of the israelite slaves in Egypt. Moses had to go to a politically powerful Pharaoh and ask him to let his people go. Not to mention, Moses was terrified of public speaking and, had not been back to Egypt since he fled after killing a guard who had been beating an Israelite. Moses’ bravery and trust in God is evident in the plagues that God causes to work through him. For example: when he had to throw his staff on the ground so that it would become a snake and when he had to part the Red
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