Perseverance In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Perseverance is the persistence of achieving a goal against the odds and despite of difficulties and setbacks. Characters such as Stanley Yelnats and Cassie Logan show their perseverance in the novels they were featured in. In Holes by Louis Sachar, Stanley perseveres through difficult terrain and a sick groupmate to find a secret place only few know of and find the hidden treasures of the desert that had been stripped from his family so unfairly. The award winning novel, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry a young girl from the South is oppressed and is struck with times of hardship and depression. Growing up in the times where the Great Depression had struck America, her family needs to stay afloat and preserve. She faces setbacks as the color of…show more content…
Furthermore, both these characters had to overcome oppression, climate, racist, and a curse. In conclusion, both these characters have to have the ability to persevere and come out on top despite there challenges. Now, Stanley a convicted criminal, will need to persevere.
In Louis Sachar’s, Holes, Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a star baseball players shoes from an event to help the homeless. Stanley pleads that he is innocent as the shoes fell from the sky. The judge does not believe him and he is sent away to this correctional camp. His family always seemed to have the worst of luck, but why? Centuries ago in the 1800’s back in a country in Europe, Latvia, one of Stanley’s ancestors makes a deal with an older lady, Madam Zeroni, so he can marry the love of his life Myra Menke. Madam Zeroni gives him a small piglet to carry up the mountain and let it drink from the water while he sings to it. Eventually the day comes when the father will decide who she will marry, an old fat man, with fat pigs, or Elya, Stanley’s great great grandfather. Elya decides to take a shower, instead of honoring Madam Zeroni’s deal. He
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