Perseverance In The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was said to have been almost lost on multiple occasions, however, because of the American’s courage, strength and perseverance they were able to defeat the British and earn their independence. Winning a war isn’t an easy task especially against the greatest army in the world at the time, but because of the unity of the American people or the colonists at the time, because of their courage, strength and perseverance they benefited from it and because of these factors they were able to win the war and claim what they so strongly believed they had the right to. Courageous people have been displayed throughout all of history, and especially in fictional tales and stories told by people. However, this is no tale,…show more content…
The Americans could have easily given up and let the British take over once more, but they didn’t, they stayed strong and true and persevered. Which is exactly what the soldiers at the Battle of Charles Town did. Colonel Moultrie and his troops fought and fought until they won, “Moultrie winning the battle kept the British from fighting in the southern states for the next two years.” (Major Events in The American Revolution) because of Moultrie’s perseverance he and his troops were able to hold back the British for two full years, if that’s not perseverance I don’t know what is. Not only did the battle of Charles Town display the American’s perseverance but as well through the people of America, the colonists. “. . . they persevered. Americans won their independence because they continued to fight. Again and again during the war, they reached points when they could have thrown in the towel.” (Kelly, Jack)The harsh outcome of war can have a very negative affect on people, especially civilians, however, the American’s persevered. The American’s may have had the odds against them in number but because of their courage, strength and perseverance we were able to push through the war and come out victorious, earning our freedom once and for
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