Perseverance In The Hobbit

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In every person's life journey there are hardships, and only if they persevere and trust in God will they succeed in life. The dwarf company showed perseverance throughout The Hobbit book. Just like the Jews of the Holocaust and even Jews in ancient Bible times, the dwarves survived a disaster. Only through extreme perseverance in faith did the dwarf company and Jews survive. Likewise, every person needs the perseverance to get through life’s struggles. The dwarves would be good company on any person’s journey because they know what type of perseverance is needed to get through hard times. (Mirriam Webster Defines perseverance as) “The quality that allows someone to continue trying to do even though it is difficult.” Perseverance is a quality…show more content…
Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (New International Version)
This verse means that perseverance comes from the testing of faith. God does not put hard situations in people’s lives for no reason. He puts them there for the person to learn and to grow in their faith. Without this testing, there would be nothing to persevere through, and life would be easy. If person perseveres through their life their life will be complete. Perseverance is a quality that the dwarves posses in Tolkien’s book, The
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Even though God did not send the eagles, they can still be considered the dwarfs’ saviors. Had the eagles not gone to help in the Battle of the Five Armies the battle might not have had the same outcome (Tolkien 260). In the same way, some Jews might not have survived without saviors to rescue them from the Germans. Paul Kaplan writes about the Jews in Croatia and how the Italian Army helped them. He writes that in a certain zone of Croatia, the Italian army was sympathetic to the Jews. This help and sympathy was a sign of hope from God to the Jews (qtd. in Wood 91). Another example that happened during the Holocaust was the book, Night, written by Elie Wiesel about his time in during the Holocaust. A savior sent from God rescued Elie. He was just about to be killed by the Germans when the resistance arrived (Wiesel 115). The resistance was a savior not just to Elie, but also to all the Jews with him. In each of these examples, a savior was sent to rescue the person in need. God sends saviors to each and every person that asks. In Isaiah 43:11 it says, "I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior." (English Standard Version) God is the only savior, and He is the one people should go to for help. Just like it is hard to ask for perseverance to get trough prejudice, it is also hard to ask God for help. This courage to ask God for what is needed only comes through
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