Perseverance In The Looking Glass Wars

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In The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, the original book of Alice in Wonderland is told in a whole new way. Alyss is now told as the princess of Wonderland, and she is trying to get away from her aunt Redd who is trying to take her crown that was passed on to her younger sister, Queen Genivieve. She goes through the looking glass and falls into London. But later on, she ventures back into Wonderland to claim her rightful place as warrior queen. As Alyss faces these conflicts, Beddor introduces the idea of perseverance. Alyss, along with Hatter and Dodge, demonstrate how challenging but rewarding it is to persevere. In the novel, Alyss serves as a positive example of what it means to persevere. For example, Alyss battled against her Aunt…show more content…
. “Dodge now stood before Alyss in his own guardsman uniform, complete with fleur-de-lis badge.” Even though Dodge was only ten years old, he is dressed in uniform and ready to protect Alyss. "Alyss might not care about such stuff, but Sir Justice had explained the situation to his son and Dodge understood that part of being a successful guardsman meant abiding by what was considered proper, by not allowing his affections for anybody-especially Alyss- to compromise his duty." Dodge has feelings for Alyss, but knows that he cannot express them which demonstrates his ability to persevere through his own feelings. He must take care of her to insure his promise to Hatter, and at that moment, Queen Genivieve. If Dodge had not continued to keep his promise, and give his trust to Queen Genievie, Wonderland would have been at stake.. Many characters in The Looking Glass Wars chose to keep Alyss safe and help her rescue Wonderland from the evil Redd. Dodge, Hatter, and Alyss show perseverance in their struggles throughout the novel. Their ability to perservere is important in this novel because it teaches a lesson to the reader that hard work and perseverance leads to success. These characters faced many challenges but due to their perseverance they reached
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