Importance Of Perseverance To Success Essay

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Perseverance Means Success
Perseverance can be defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Without it, accomplishing goals would be almost impossible. Although goals require perseverance, it is also a key factor in successfully overcoming conflict. People can best respond to conflict by persevering through their struggles because perseverance increases self-worth, motivates others to adhere to the same positive energy, and helps to continue moving forward towards success.
Perseverance increases self- worth and inchances both professional and social relationships in life. Although some people may argue that perseverance does not affect someone’s overall life and view of themselves, that is not
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The ability to work through conflicts, can be applied to all aspects of day to day life. By knowing that a person has achieved a goal, not only proves to themselves, but others, a level of motivation, hard work, and responsibility. This accomplishment is something someone can take pride in, and be proud to of achieved. Demonstrating personal qualities to themselves improves self-confidence, and determination to continue striving for success. Additionally, perseverance builds responsibility. Susan Minarik states, “It increases your sense of self-worth to take full ownership of the goal you set out to achieve. You accept that your destiny is in your own hands” (“Perseverance – The Power Key to Success”). When a person is faced with a conflict, and perseveres to a successful conclusion, the success is credited to the person who achieved it. This victory is due to the responsibility that this person took on when deciding to work towards this goal. Also, though the journey of persevering through a conflict, a person can learn things about themselves that might have been previously overlooked. For example, the article Perseverance – The Power Key to Success writes, “It leads you to unexpected discoveries and expands your knowledge, both about yourself and

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