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Have you ever thought about giving up on a task impossible to complete? Will let 's say there 's a word called perseverance. Perseverance is being steadfast in completing a task despite difficulty or delay in achieving success in other words never give up and if you fall just get right back up and keep trying over and over again until you accomplish your goal. These three texts, Mother To Son, Life Without Limits, and Saudi Arabia’s “Freedom Riders”. These three selections are the definition of perseverance here 's why. The first selection is Mother To Son the reason this show perseverance because the mother tells the son that life isn 't is easy and just know whatever happens in life always keep your head up and never give up on yourself. One quote in this poem that describes perseverance is when the mother tell the son ‘ Life for me ain 't been no crystal stair” what the mother is trying to say to the son is that life is not this sweet little dream it 's very hard and giving him advice before it 's too late. To the mother, she is trying to warn the son he doesn 't know what 's coming for him because life comes in many bad ways. Another quote is when the mother tells son “and sometimes going in the dark where there has been no light” what she mean by this is that don 't let life keep you stuck in the dark for so long that…show more content…
So do you think these three selections Mother to Son, Nick Vujicic: life without limits, and Saudi Arabia’s “Freedom Riders” show perseverance? These all show perseverance because in the poem Mother to son the mom is telling the son no matter what happens never give up also in Nick 's life without limits Nick never gave even during his life with all the bullying and loneliness and depression, he never gave up and in the “Freedom Rider” women didn 't give up until they got what they deserve the right to drive. So do you know what they all have in common? What they all got in common is never giving up. Do you think there
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