Perseverance Research Paper

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Perseverance a word that describes me. I won 't give give up in any situation. Like one time at an indoor rock climbing gym in New Kingston, Pa. The gym was called climbnasium it was the 2nd of january so it was cold and there was a little bit of snow on the ground. We walked in and it had a very distinct smell kinda like styrofoam and rug. The walls were huge going up all the size. Downstairs there was some walls that came back at an angle. Me and my friends were determined to take the blue route, which was one of the harder routes on the wall. We tryed and tryed and couldn 't grab the bar at the top. And right the end i decided to record it on my gopro and I made it to the top. Perseverance has helped me many times in the past. If I really want something I will try and try until I get it. I consider this one of my best traits. I have always been this way whether it 's school, sports, or anything else I will try time and time again. I just really have to want it.…show more content…
Perseverance helps me right now, in my school work, hunting, and trapping. These are all things I 'm determined to do. To do things like hunting and trapping I have to keep my grades up. I have to show perseverance on a day to day basis. Perseverance will help me in the future because it is very important to not give up and if you want something try your hardest until you succeed. I love when i show perseverance. Perseverance is about pursuing a higher goal and developing an ability to deal with setbacks and failure on the
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