The Key To Success? Grit By Angela Duckworth Analysis

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In discussion of struggle,perseverance,failure and success one debates is Angela Duckworth opinion that perseverance leads to success .One the other hand James Camicheal believes that doing hard things like playing Max Payne 3 prepares us to overcome harder obstacles in real life . which leads me to developing my own theory without perseverance we as human beings wouldn't succeed . In the article "The Key to success ? Grit" Author Angela Duckworth argues that grit is a better predictor of success than I.Q .Duckworth was a seventh grader teacher when it struck her that I.Q wasn't the only difference between her best student and her worst students .Duckworth explains that some of her best students were doing bad and that's when it got her thinking that I.Q didn't play the part ,it had more to do with how hard her students worked .She later…show more content…
For example national spelling bees which constant would advance further ? She did many different test but out of all her studies she concluded that it was grit . The passion of preservance for long term goals , working long and hard on making your future goals become real life goals. Duckworth finally concluded in her last finally study in Chicago public school we're she asked high school junior to take the grit questionnaire concluding that the gritter kids were more likely to graduate high school .she determine that
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