Persian Cats Compare And Contrast

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“Comparison is the death of joy”- Mark Twain. When you compare two things, for instance animals, you began to compare and contrast them which loses the value of each individual because both have the potential to do anything the other is being known for being capable to do. There is a large number of similarities that Germans shepherds and Persian cats share, but at the same time they are very unlike. Both animals are very popular pet in America today and are also very popular pet all around the world as well. Germans Shepherds teach responsibility while on the other hand Persian cats are very more independent. One may know the saying that “A dog a man best friend” well we all depend on them for their protection but they have an extremely unpleasant…show more content…
In contrast Germans Shepherd and Persians cats have some similarities, such as they both are loved in a family member and we should appreciated them for their own style of unique qualities. Both animal show lots of love towards their owner. They both are domesticated mammals that can be found throughout the world, both have fur, both have four-legs, and both can be house trained. Germans shepherds and Persian cats make wonderful pets. They both are smoothing to the soul, they teach us responsibility. In appearance German shepherds and Persian cats have many distinctive differences. Persians cats are usually small animals and they also bathe themselves, and always avoid dirty situations. Persians cats love to keep their fur shining no matter what kind of weather it’s like. Their tongues provide them with the ability to keep them spotless and they have very sharp retractable claws that help them with climbing and digging things. One the other hand, German shepherds are a complete opposite. They usually are way larger then Persian cats and they don’t keep them self clean. German shepherd also love rolling their self around in the
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