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1. Persian Persian cats are known for they beautiful long coats and open faces. They supposedly originated in Iran and were transported to the rest of the world along with exotic spices and fine jewels. Cat breeders and owners of Persian cats enjoy their gentle dispositions and quiet voices. Persian cats are best suited to living indoors because of their long coats. The coat of a Persian cat requires considerable maintenance, but this breed is extremely hardy and long-lived. 2. Maine Coon The origin of the Maine Coon cat is something of a marvel. Less a product of the work of cat breeders than the result of natural selection, the Maine Coon originated in North America and is known for its superb mousing ability. Also known for its loving disposition…show more content…
The extremely short hair of this breed makes it distinctive and easy to care for. Besides their appearance, the Abyssinian has a personality that is unique and easily identified by a cat breeder or educated enthusiast. Abyssinians are known for their remarkable intelligence, amazing sensitivity, and personable attitude. 5. Siamese Originally from Thailand, Siamese cats are easily identified by their distinctive coats and markings. The color contrast on their coats is remarkable, and the structure of their bodies is also unique. Cat breeders strive to produce a animal with a wedge-shaped head, long, muscular body, and a long neck and tail. The coat on Siamese cats is very short easy to take care of, making this breed a low-maintenance pet. They are first-rate communicators with a distinctive voice and clear body language. Siamese cats love people and become extremely attached to their doting owners. 6. Ragdoll A large cat with a relaxed disposition, the Ragdoll has long hair and striking blue eyes. When breeding Ragdolls, a cat breeder is focused on producing animals with specatular, pointed coats, affectionate personalities, and a large body. These animals love people and usually want to be close to their…show more content…
The Sphynx has a friendly personality, and is very curious and attention-oriented. Due to the lack of hair on this breed, it requires bathing. However, some people with cat allergies find that they can tolerate a Sphynx. 8. Birman Orignally from Burma, where it was held as a sacred animal, the Birman is a large, stocky animal with long hair. The coat of the Birman is not prone to matting, making it easier to care for than some other breeds. The personality of the Birman is considered nearly ideal by many cat owners and cat breeders: at once sweet, quiet, playful, and energetic. The long coat is tipped and is generally a light color with a golden glow. The eyes of this breed are very round and blue. 9. American Shorthair Known for their spectacular disposition, the American Shorthair is a breed that makes a wonderful companion. This breed is also extremely healthy, long-lived, quiet, and good looking. Records show that the American Shorthair, originally called the "Domestic Shorthair," came to America on the Mayflower. Cat breeders have worked for years to ensure that these animals have the desired qualities for the breed, despite their physical similarities to ordinary, non-pedigreed

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