Persian Empire Advantages And Disadvantages

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The Persian Empire was the first great hyperpower that this world has seen, and impacted the world in many different ways. Amy Chua defines a hyperpower as a world dominant power that clearly surpasses all its competitors. The Persian Empire, or the Achaemenid Empire, was founded in 6th century BC in the Middle East, and eventually became the world’s most powerful and diverse empire. Hyperpowers, like Persia, can bring with them many positive and negative effects to the world. The Persian Empire had many more pros than cons as a hyperpower in terms of its political, economic, and social impact.
There are numerous examples of when Persia had positive impacts as a hyperpower. People at the time saw the Achaemenid King as guarantor of political stability, social order, and economic prosperity. The
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There was no modern equality in Persia; the Achaemenid Empire was a hierarchy, with Persians unmistakably on top. Equality is important in every society for people to be happy, and the Achaemenid Empire was very unequal. Persians were superior to other people, which also goes against the ideals of acceptance and tolerance. This negatively impacted the world at the time, since people were treated unfairly. Additionally, Towards the end of the empire Xeres and other kings started doing more violent killings, and being more intolerant. Xerxes is believed to destroyed temples, kill priests, and enslave subjects. Furthermore, this brutal violence hurt people and eventually led to the Achaemenid Empire’s downfall. But this evidence does not compare to the significant advances and systems that were put in place by Persia, since there are positive effects that can still be seen today. The world had seen its strongest empire ever, and it learned from their successes and mistakes, which is extremely important for progress to be
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