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Exotic god fruit, persimmon (Diospyros kaki): pharmacological importance and human health aspects ABSTRACT The persimmon (Diospyros kaki) belonging to a family Ebenaceae, is a famous conventional Korean medicinal herb. Calyx of persimmon has been used to prepare herbal drinks in Korea, China and Japan due to its various functional ingredients, including fructose, glucose, and triterpenoid. In addition, persimmon is generally used as traditional medicine in Korea for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis and cough. Various useful constituents isolated and characterized from Diospyros species including, naphthaquinones, triterpenoids and steroids. Specifically, a flavonoid, fisetin, present in persimmon associated with killing breast cancer cells without harming normal normal breast cells, thus contributing in the programmed eradication of colon and prostate cancer cells. Some other notable compounds reported from the various parts of the plant and their extracts have significant pharmaceutical values due to their anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-ageing, and cytotoxicity activities. It is,…show more content…
(Ebenaceae) is distributed throughout the tropics and is characterized by its ability to produce triterpenes of the lupine series [13]. The genus Diospyros consists of a 240 species, 59 of which are distributed in India, Thailand, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa and Philippines [14]. In the Philippines the tree D. blancoi is commonly found in forest at low altitudes and is planted along the roadsides for shade. In the Philippines, it is called Mabolo Persimmon or Velvet apple. The taxonomic status of this plant is confusing and it has been generally called D. discolor Willd. The tree is employed for timber in the Philippines and, according to Burkill 1966, the best hair combs in the Phillipines are made from it. Diospyros peregrine Gurka (Syn. D. embrypteris Pers; D. malabarica Desr.) is reported to possess many medicinal properties as well

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