Persistence: The Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Persistence is an adjective that describes Odysseus. In The Odyssey Homer describes Odysseus as a type of person that never gives up and it is almost like as if he is very admirable. He goes through a journey that is full of many difficulties in which he is shown as a very strong person. Homer shows this when Odysseus is trying to get back home to Ithaca. The way Homer describes Odysseus is by explaining him with a lot of persistence. Homer shows that all that Odysseus wants is to return back home to Ithaca with his family. Odysseus has fought in the Trojan war and he fought because he wanted his land to be calm and not have to worry about the trogas. Homer also portrays Odysseus as being one of the best in everything, the main reason that pop out to me was that he…show more content…
The earthquake god was one of the people that did not want Odysseus to be happy and with his family. Homer seems to put Poseidon as one of the bad guys that are always against Odysseus. The Cyclops is Poseidon's son and Odysseus had just stabbed his son’s eye (Cyclops) Poseidon always thought Odysseus as an enemy. Then Poseidon said “Odysseus would suffer long and hard, before he made it home”(149-150) the only thing that Poseidon wanted was for Odysseus to suffer and feel the same way Cyclops felt when Odysseus and his men stabbed his eye. Poseidon purposely sabotage Odysseus’ ships, which killed many of his men. Every time Odysseus would be near Ithaca Poseidon would do something so that he would get far away from Ithaca and his family. The Odyssey explains how gods are important and how they help or sabotage Odysseus journey home to Ithaca. Homer explains how Athina was one of the main god that helped Odysseus get to Ithaca. He also showed how Circe helped Odysseus.Overall the gods played an important role in which most of them give Odysseus strength and help him to never give up on his journey back to his home
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