Poverty Among Students Essay

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Additionally, there are the socioeconomic discrepancies among students and their educational outcomes. Poverty’s negatively influences a student behaviour, achievement and retention in school; and it remains a stubborn fact of life even in rich countries like Canada and the USA. The inequity of family incomes has grown as wells as the depth of poverty has increased. Persistent socioeconomic disadvantage has a negative impact on the life outcomes of many Canadian children. Research shows associations between low income and psychiatric disorders, social and academic functioning, and chronic physical health problems. School readiness reflects a child’s ability to succeed both academically and socially in a school environment. It requires physical…show more content…
Can these effects be prevented or reversed? Reason to be both positive and proactive. There is a direct link between early childhood intervention and increased social and cognitive ability. Decreasing the risk factors in a child’s environment increases a child’s potential for development and educational attainment. However, it is the parent-child relationship that has been proven to have the greatest influence on reversing the impact of poverty. Parental involvement, such as frequency of outings (29) and problem-based play, creates greater intellectual stimulation and educational support for a child, and develops into increased school readiness. Interestingly, they found that interventions that combined parent education programs with child programs had significantly higher effect sizes. Interestingly, the mothers of children participating in the program also had higher educational and employment status after the intervention. Evaluation of the long-term effects of the intervention was completed by Reynolds (35) after 15 years of
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