Care Plans And Person-Centered Health Delivery Analysis

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Care Plans and Person-centred Health Delivery

This essay examines what is a care plan, the different types care plan and an analysis of the advantages and the challenges of a care plan in a nursing home setting. I will conclude my analysis by suggesting how to improve the care plan to make it more efficient in a health setting.

What is a Care Plan?
A care plan helps to assess the type of care needed and how it will be provided. It shows not only the physical aspect of a resident but as well psychological, social aspects, economics and life- style factors (ANA 2015). Every resident in a nursing home setting should be provided with a Care Plan within 48hrs of a resident’s admission. A care plan is often discussed, agreed and drawn up with the
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From her early observations during the Crimean War Nightingale’s and ideas shaped and institutionalised nursing theory (Nursing Theory 2013). In the earliest part of its development, nursing was most practised by women, military persons, nuns who volunteered work in the hospitals during the war. During that period, nursing was not recognised as a formal profession due to lack of standards. Indeed, according to the Nursing Theory (2013), Nightingale develop the interest and concept of nursing while working in a military hospital through observing the conditions the soldiers go through while receiving medical care. In her observation, she noticed a relationship between sanitary conditions the soldiers and their health and recovery (ibid.). It was noticed that patients with poor sanitary conditions often face additional health complications or even die. This seems to give her the idea that if a comprehensive program can be put in place that can take care of sanitary as well as medical needs of the patients, a lot of lives could have been…show more content…
The resident likes Milk for breakfast but it wasn’t written down, and her children where not aware of it so she received tea with milk and sugar, and everyone is wandering why she is not drinking, and as per her children this is what she always drank at home, but when her sister came in she told as when her sister was young, she always liked to drink Milk, when we changed it and all the staff where made aware of it, her fluid intake started to increase.
2. a new resident arrived in the unit she was brought in by her daughter, as per daughter she was the one that was looking after her and the residents husband has passed away already, so everything was documented, but we noticed that she was very difficult to manage during morning care, but when her son came in and told as that his dad was looking after her until his passing and afterwards he gave a sister a hand with the care, he told maybe to try if a male staff will look after her if this could make a change, we tried it and it really made a change in that lady’s life.
3. At the moment I am in the position of a care plan coordinator, and I noticed a written person centred care plan can be something good when it will be really person

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